Chepstow School - Branding & Website

Help Chepstow School appeal to their multicultural society.

We worked closely with the team at Chepstow School to get to know its history and future ambition.

The results we achieved exceeded expectations – a universal rebrand and an inspiring website.


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The challenge / goals

The school was keen to relate to the ethnic groups within their catchment area and beyond. They also stressed their want to keep the house and sixth form colours. 


A key objective of the rebrand was to move away from imagery containing Chepstow Castle and the portcullis, as it was felt this had negative connotations of imprisonment and restriction. We agreed to look at bigger imagery, use more than one key colour and incorporate Welsh – as well as English - language in some way.


By using data from Google analytics and focusing on user journeys, it was clear that the information for different users from year 7 to sixth form students, teachers, parents and local community, and during the school terms, needed to be more direct and very clear to navigate to. The key information was buried and involved too many clicks.

Research / testing


For the rebrand, we researched historical and meaningful imagery such as dragons and the Severn bridge, then chose elements that could be used for the logo. We agreed with the Chepstow team to keep using the letter “C” and used welsh colour red and green as the main colour theme.


We looked at competitors and worked on a balance of clarity and ‘trends’ to ensure the school would stand out, have the right appeal and identifying the main target audience; this being year 11 & Sixth Form students looking for support information, and Parents looking for information on events and uniform. We also reviewed the red route on the wireframe with key stakeholders, ensuring they felt part of the process.

Once the project was underway, we tested the first draft website with parents and students -  the initial feedback was to change the category structure so it was more suited to their experience and needs.



The Brand is a strong, contemporary icon, using several colours to represent the ethnic groups and house/sixth form dragons.


The Website was developed to be flexible for key stakeholders, with a separate navigation and right column for important messages,twitter feed and image gallery. “It's delightful to use” – feedback on the whole site including parent information and the news and events page – and has a “stunning, on-brand visual design” to match. The user can now find the right information quickly, which increases usability and saw a massive increase in the number of useful documents downloaded daily.